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Monday, August 22, 2005

Your Very Own Communicator (Maybe)

Up until now (or at least September 30th) die hard Star Trek fans who dreamed of having their own communicator like that used by Captain Kirk had two options.

One was to imagine that their clamshell cell phone really was a communicator, of course you couldn't do the cool wrist flick that Captain Kirk did to open his communicator with your cell phone.

Option two was to try sometype of mod like this one on the right. This one appears to have been done by disassembling a Bluetooth headset and a garage door opener of some sort, then putting the parts together into some form of frankendevice. This particular device was up on e-bay last year.

Option three appears to be coming on September 30th through a partnership with Sona Mobile and Viacom. Sona's website touts all kinds of Star Trek content for the new device... But no hardware or carrier information. For that matter, Sona is a mobile content company and not a hardware company so just what will this device look like?

Based on the story on Wired News this should be a "Star Trek Communicator Themed Mobile Device" which leads me to believe that all this content will be platform specific to a device that Viacom and Sona will be marketing. But there's no other information out there. Since there's no mention of specific carriers (at least not yet) invovled with this, I'm assuming the device will be an unlocked GSM phone... but who knows?


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