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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Yet Another Person With Way Too Much Time on Their Hands!

This comes to me from, seems somebody has come up with a plant whose future depends on the performance of Home Depot's stock.

Ok, it's a planter with a rubber tree purchased from Home Depot (an important piece of the equation as you'll soon see), and the planter controls the fate of the rubber tree.

And now you're saying, gee now that's about as clear as mud...

In the words of creators Douglas Easterly and Matt Kenyon:
"Home Depot is responsible for the plant in two ways: first, an unconditional guarantee to replace any plant they sell, for up to one year; secondly through an implied cybernetic contract. This second responsibility is the creative content for the work, where Home Depot's economic health is transitioned through a series of physical computing techniques to a mechanism for controlling the watering of the plant. An onboard computer uses a Wi-Fi connection to access Home Depot stock quotes once per week, keeping a database of these week ending stock values. From the fluctuations in Home Depot stock, various programs and circuitry are controlled accordingly. As the company does well, so does the plant - if the company suffers losses, Spore 1.1 does not get watered. If the plant should parish, due to poor stock performance, it is returned to the Home Depot and replaced with another-at no additional cost."


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