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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Balloon Bazooka

Now, I like a good water fight was much as the next person. Some water guns, some water balloons, women in wet t-shirts, hoses the whole nine yards...

But this, this takes the water fight to a whole new level.... A level that I'm just not sure water fights needed to go to.

Presenting the Balloon Bazooka:

As you can see, they have 3 different models for your balloon launching enjoyment...
There's the basic 6 ft long entry level model capable of launching a balloon 300 feet or 12 balloons at once but not as far.

There's the 7 foot long standard model that can launch a balloon 400 feet or 20 balloons at once.

And, if you want to fire a water balloon clean through your buddy's chest then you want the 8 foot long magnum model. This thing can shoot a quality latex balloon (they say the cheapies can't take the pressure) 500 feet or 24 ballons at once! Ok it might not really be able to shoot a balloon through a person, but then again who knows?

Should you buy one of these things... Just remember this important safety tip from the manufacturer's web page:
"Caution: Do not operate Balloon Bazooka ™ while impaired"


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