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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Where Was This When I Needed it 6 Years Ago!?!

So 6 years ago I lived in a little garden style apartment not far from Mount Vernon. Lived there for a year and even though we were invited to Mount Vernon, we never went.

The floors and ceilings of this place were paper thin. Luckily we couldn't hear what our next door neighbors were doing in their apartments (although from the slamming doors we knew when they came and left) however we could hear what was going on in the laundry room below very well. So well that from our bed it sounded like we were in the room next to them. While not as clear as those in the laundry room, we also could hear what our upstairs neighbor was doing too... Especially around 1:30/2:00 AM on a Friday and or a Saturday night, and honestly who ever she was... I think she didn't go home satisfied...

Well I find this via (which seems to be a questionable site in it's own right) For around $20 you can purchase from the "Noise CD" including earplugs. 20 Tracks of sounds intended to test the sanity of even your noisiest neighbor.

Included tracks for their irritation:
1. Drill.
2. Party (at least 200 People).
3. Orgasm (Outstanding).
4. Train.
5. Drum (Played by a Child).
6. Inhuman Screams.
7. Walking (High Heels).
8. Domestic Squabble.
9. Doors Banging.
10. Bowling.
11. Unhappy Dog.
12. Practicing a violin.
13. Traffic Jam.
14. Garbage Truck.
15. A screaming newborn baby
16. Phone Ringing.
17. Ball Game.
18. Pigeons.
19. Spring house cleaning.
20. Cock-a-Doodle-Do!


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