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Monday, August 01, 2005

Who Keeps Messing With the Termostat?!!?

Did the earth move a few miles closer to the sun or something? What is up with the weather?

Did the county re-zone my neighborhood as a sauna?

How hot is it?

So hot that last week there was a power outage nearby because some of the electric distribution
equipment melted!

So hot that the media is doing their stupid fluff pieces on the weather... You know the ones, where they try and bake cookies in a closed car and fry and egg on the sidewalk...

Heck it's even too hot for the neighborhood punks to head outside and vandalize stuff...

It's so hot that a goose walking along the side of the pond just burst into flames! Luckily he could just hop in the pond on put himself out, but still it could have been ugly... Flaming goose feathers everywhere!!!

Alright, it's lame... But it's too freaken hot to come up with a good post...


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