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Thursday, July 28, 2005

It's a Boat... It's a Car... I don't know, but it's made of Wood!

Ok to move away from the space related posts of the past week, I'm going to instead switch gears and show some more wood stuff...

This comes to me via Italian Livio de Marchi has created full sized wooden replicas of his favorite cars in order to travel through the canals of Venice. The photos of his creations come from his virtual museum.

Some of his creations:
A lifesize Ferrari F50

A lifesize 1937 Jaguar

A lifesize Mercedes 300 SL Seagull

A lifesize Fiat Topolino

How about a lifesize VW Beetle (convertible)

However if those aren't unusual enough for you, how about a paper hat (made of wood of course)?

Maybe an origami crane?


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