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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Gizmodo Taking on The Man!

Or at least Sony-Ericcson's lawyers...

It all started with a leaked photo of Sony-Ericcson's follow-up to the P910. Photos of the new phone (named Hermoine) were leaked on the web and gizmodo picked up on them and placed it here.

Well, apparently Sony-Ericcson's legal team didn't appreciate it and sent the owner's of Gizmodo a confidential Cease and Desist letter, which Gizmodo promptly posted here. You can also see the follow up letter that Gizmodo received after posting the first letter.

Honestly, I think S/E should be more concerned with beefing up their internal security and determining the source of the leak instead of going after the various sites that have picked up on the leak. Face it Sony, the damage is done here. Damage control really needs to be keeping it from happening again at athis point...


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