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Monday, November 07, 2005

But Will it Protect Me From My Id?

LeVar Burton once called it the "grand-daddy of modern sci-fi movies." It's star was a very young Leslie Nielsen who was in just his second movie at the time... The movie is Forbidden Planet...

And now thanks to the folks at Hammacher Schlemmer (someplace that I can't even afford to walk INTO let alone buy anything from) you get one of the most recognized things from the movie... Why for just $49,999.95 you can get your very own lifesize replica of Robbie the Robot!
Now you don't just get a static 7 foot tall statue for your money either... Oh no, the gyros and other mechanisms in his head really work, his head moves and he's programed with some of his lines from the movie. There's more to his built in sound system though, why it's CD quality and synchronized with the neon lights, oh and you can even connect it up to your home theater system! Use him to greet your guests, you can speak through Robby with the included wireless microphone....However unlike the Robbie from the movie, your $49,999.95 won't buy you a replica that will cook, clean your house, make 50 gallons of whiskey on demand, or even walk... although stick this one in your front window and it might freak out your neighbors...


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