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Monday, June 27, 2005

Sam Walton Must be Turning in His Grave....

Once just a sleepy little small town in northwest Arkansas, The Washington Post says Bentonville, the home of WalMart is going upscale...

WalMart has become such a driving force in the world retail that many of the largest brands in the world have opened up branch offices in Bentonville just so they can be closer to the decision makers at WalMart. We're not talking a few low level sales people either, WalMart has gotten so big that it's the high paid executives that are moving down to staff these branch offices.

These are highly paid executives who had grown accustomed to many of the post amenities found in cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, who are now living in a community that just a few years ago had an average income of just $26,000 a year! So you ask, how were these well paid executives supposed to fill their need for Hummers, sushi, day spas, or doggie day care? Well, when you have the disposable income that they do, you open your own high end shopping outlets.

Sam Walton was notorious for his penny pinching, his frugality is still a large part of the corporate culture at WalMart. Wouldn't it be great to see the look on his face if he could take a drive around Bentonville now? What would Sam have to say about the million dollar mansions in gated communities on the outskirts of town? How about the high end art galleries or the Jaguar dealerships? Better yet, what would Sam Walton have to say about the fact that it's his own company that has attracted them to sleepy little Bentonville?


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